London Alley Releases Its First Virtual Reality Video

Music videos have always pushed the boundaries of visual form, and London Alley has been there every step of the way.

In recent years we’ve seen bigger sets, light shows and even holograms. But what’s next for an industry that prides itself on stunning visual design? London Alley has found the answer in Redfoo’s recently released ‘Lights Out’ video – Virtual Reality.

‘Lights Out’ is completely immersive – filmed on a Headcase VR rig that allows the viewer 360 degrees of access – the experience feels like a trip through time.



The audience joins the former LMFAO party animal on his bus to relax for a minute before a Back to the Future twist takes everyone on a journey to 1960! This play on time feels new but also familiar, making this VR odyssey a strong addition to London Alley’s 2016 slate.



Photographed: Director Mickey Finnegan, Redfoo, and editor Ivan Ovalle


‘Lights Out’ establishes London Alley at the cutting edge of industry technology.

At the moment, millions of dollars are being invested in VR as a medium of storytelling. What was once reserved for video games and sports broadcasts is now, with London Alleys help, taking center stage in pop culture and entertainment.

Check out the video here!