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Hannah Lux Davis x Halsey: “Nightmare”

Hannah Lux Davis x Halsey: “Nightmare”

Nightmare, the latest Halsey video directed by frequent collaborator Hannah Lux Davis, is an anthem for female empowerment. It is an ode to the 21st century woman who is multifaceted, strong, sexy, and unabashedly whoever she wants to be. A nightmare for some, but a dream for many more.

The video captures these various lenses by blending multiple storylines. With energy, anger, skin, and a supporting tribe, Halsey portrays both all that a woman can be, and all that a woman has been told to be.

There is Halsey the punk singer leading a riot, Halsey the glamorous model hanging around with fellow supermodels Cara Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse, Halsey the pinup vixen, and Halsey the made-up, fed-up housewife. While the outfits, the angles, and environments change, the attitude remains bold, aggressive, and fearless throughout.

Watch the video below and check out a past collaboration between Hannah and Halsey, Alone.