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Hannah Lux Davis Keeps It Real Directing “The Demi Lovato Show”

Hannah Lux Davis Keeps It Real Directing “The Demi Lovato Show”

Don’t let the pink bubble couch fool you, or the candy-colored lighting. The Demi Lovato Show is all about fearless, raw, and unfiltered conversations.

Premiering on Roku July 30th, Hannah Lux Davis directed the short form talk show, which features Demi in conversation with celebrity guests including YG, Jameela Jamil, Lucy Hale, Jay Shetty, and Olivia Munn. Defined as a “talk show reaching new heights”, Demi’s dialogues explore contemporary topics such as gender identity, mental health, spirituality, feminism, sex, drugs, and well, with Demi’s honesty in front of the camera and Hannah’s artistic sensitivity behind the camera, no subject is off limits.

So how does a Director get strangers to open up and reveal their most vulnerable sides? “I strived to create a safe, warm environment so that Demi and the guests could speak freely and confidently,” Hannah described. “We designed a set that was very zen and peaceful, and curated a lighting scheme that was specific and unique to each guest’s vibe. The excitement each guest felt when walking on to the set was palpable and there was enough distance between them and our cameras to make them feel like they were in Demi’s (very fabulous) living room.”

Producer JD Roth, CEO and Founder of Goodstory Entertainment, added that “Hannah’s connection to Demi, both personally and professionally, made all the difference in capturing the best moments on screen. I still marvel at her attention to details, both while filming and during the post process. Her creative stamp is everywhere.”

With a number of past music video collaborations between Hannah and Demi, directing Demi in the talk show format was a new experience, and one that came naturally for both of them. “With this new chapter of their life I’ve found them to be very inquisitive and curious, which is crucial to conducting a compelling interview,” Hannah said. She is of course referring to Demi’s 2018 overdose, and their willingness to speak candidly about their struggles with addiction, mental health, body image, and identity ever since.

Surely it’s their growing confidence in speaking openly that facilitated Demi’s ability to engage in such frank conversations with their guests. Hannah said each conversation lasted about 90 minutes, but run times had to be cut to 10 minutes. “We knew it was going to be a challenge when we had such rich conversations to work off of. There were so many moments on set where we could just feel we had it. With conversations of this length, and Demi’s natural knack for interviewing, it requires a good deal of editing but it also provides such an abundance of incredible material.”

We love supporting collaborations that take on new iterations over time, and Hannah and Demi’s is certainly one with a wide open road ahead. Check out the trailer for The Demi Lovato Show below, which will be available to watch for free exclusively on the Roku channel.