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London alley entertainment is a full service production company based in Marina Del Rey, CA. Specializing in music videos, commercials, and branded content, London Alley has produced videos airing on every major media outlet worldwide: MTV, BET, Fuse, E! Television, ABC, Much Music, the CW, Vevo and many more.

London Alley Brings the Glam to Glamour’s Woman of the Year Award Show

London Alley Brings the Glam to Glamour’s Woman of the Year Award Show

As the entertainment industry continues to adapt to these unprecedented and ever-changing times, one thing remains constant: a desire to produce high-quality, innovative content that keeps audiences around the globe engaged. When Glamour Magazine approached us in April about producing their 30th annual Woman of the Year event, we saw the opportunity to develop it in a way that maintained the glam and cohesion of a live award show without gathering hundreds of people in one room.

The most challenging element of bringing our ambitious ideas to life was the timing; we had only six months to develop a show that carried the energy of a live show but was actually composed of disparate scripted segments. We worked with several female filmmakers to shoot over thirty celebrities in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Washington DC, including the ceremony’s hosts Chloe x Halle, who shot their segments on a soundstage using a set that had been designed to look and feel like the stage of a traditional award show.

After 6 months of constant meetings, shoots, and editorial reviews, the outcome of Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year award show surpassed our expectations. Production during COVID-19 is a challenge, but with Glamour and Conde Naste as creative partners we were able to produce a program that honored the talented and heroic women who have helped us all get through this challenging year.

Watch the Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year awards here.