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London alley entertainment is a full service production company based in Marina Del Rey, CA. Specializing in music videos, commercials, and branded content, London Alley has produced videos airing on every major media outlet worldwide: MTV, BET, Fuse, E! Television, ABC, Much Music, the CW, Vevo and many more.

WATTS and Fanta – It’s A Thing

WATTS and Fanta – It’s A Thing

What catches the attention of teenagers enough to pause their phone scrolling? That was the task at hand with Austin ad agency Preacher’s Fanta campaign, It’s A Thing, directed by WATTS.

The answer turned out to be four distinct, fun, and magical worlds influenced by the flavor personalities of each drink. With an incredibly vivid and imaginative foundation from Preacher, WATTS brought each fruity flavor to life, each world more hyper-real than the next.

It’s an Orange Thing transforms an ordinary corner deli into a surrealist, orange explosion. Strawberry is a psychedelic, pink-hued chill zone, grape awakens a beauty salon into a purple-centric disco, and pineapple digitizes a pizza parlor into an 8-bit all-yellow video game.

Creating four elaborate and whimsical worlds within one shoot is no easy task at any stage of the creative process, but it certainly helped that London Alley handled all aspects of post-production.

“We handpicked all of our animators and VFX artists – finding talent that would fit the aesthetic of the particular flavor. It was a little untraditional – working with so many people in different areas of the world – but we feel that’s part of what made the ads so special,” WATTS said. “We know that without the support of our team at London Alley, and the opportunity they create to do jobs through post in house, we never could have achieved the final output we dreamed of.”

Check out the spots below.