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WATTS Lights Up the Lovehoney World

WATTS Lights Up the Lovehoney World

Typically, and historically, red is the color of love. But in WATTS’ world, love comes in all colors.

The latest spot from Lovehoney celebrates versatility and acceptance, which made WATTS’ signature taste for frenetic, multi-colored creative the perfect direction for expanding awareness of Lovehoney’s sex toys. “Lovehoney and Virtue wanted to create an ad to celebrate all of the different ways people love…using Lovehoney toys,” WATTS directing duo described. “The idea was to do it in a way that felt inclusive and approachable. Ads for sex toys in the past have always had a ‘red light district-y’ feel to them and we all wanted this campaign to feel like they were meant for everyone. The idea was to make people realize toys aren’t as taboo as most people think.”

To convey this message, the directors wanted the spot to feel grounded in reality, filled with natural and relatable moments, all while still retaining their love of color. “We wanted each scene to feel different, so establishing a color script prior to the shoot day was important to us. This was one of those perfect projects where we were all after the same thing. We collaborated closely with the agency and client leading up to the shoot so that come shoot day it’s pretty much all execution. We had two days of content to shoot in one day so it was important we were all on the same page.”

And for a campaign selling sex toys, what was actually shot is quite ironic. “Funny enough, we were tasked with shooting a sex toys ad without being able to show sex or toys on screen, though this ended up being our favorite part about the job – thinking of ways to suggest everything,” WATTS explained. “It’s much more fun to allude to what’s happening off camera. Lovehoney sent us a list of all of their best selling toys they wanted to feature, so finding creative ways to hint at them was super fun. Like the lady’s bum clenching at her office desk is for an app controlled butt plug. Or the vibrating glass of water on the bedside table is hinting at a vibrator.”

With great art direction and clever storytelling, even a campaign selling products without showing the products makes Love How You Love a glowing success. Check out the spot below.