London Alley

London alley entertainment is a full service production company based in Marina Del Rey, CA. Specializing in music videos, commercials, and branded content, London Alley has produced videos airing on every major media outlet worldwide: MTV, BET, Fuse, E! Television, ABC, Much Music, the CW, Vevo and many more.

We Got a Digital Makeover

We Got a Digital Makeover

Forget everything mom said about not judging a book by its cover. Please judge us by our new one. We worked with Los Angeles-based creative agency, Funkhaus, to design and build a new website that could tell the story of our recent growth in all its dimensions.

Over the past few years we made a big leap into the advertising world, expanding that portion of our business exponentially, and our desire to share this exciting new offering became the backbone of the redesign. London Alley is now a serious contender in all aspects of production, not just the music videos you already know and love us for, and we wanted to acknowledge our expanded capabilities right off the bat. But we didn’t want to spell it out in the old snoozy, traditional way everyone has seen before.

The solution Funkhaus designed is a unique split screen homepage – divided into our now robust Advertising and Music Video sections –  that visually presents this message upon entry. The backup proof is in our work, which plays immediately. Lots of show and not too much tell. The effect is like sneaking a look through a peephole and gazing into a colorful room where time moves really fast and the volume is turned all the way up. From there it’s a choose your own adventure path of discovery, serving modular portfolios full of movement and micro animations.

“London Alley is a tastemaker and their site needed an edge in both the design and movement of the UI/UX. This website was engineered to show that they are music video aficionados and a fully fledged production house across all mediums.” – Nick Dies, Director of Partnerships at Funkhaus

The look, feel, and functionality of the website is like looking in a mirror. It’s our ethos in code, it’s the talented directors we work with, and it’s the guarantee that we will always be the place where great ideas come together.